The Return of Rego

Last weekend saw the return of the one and only Rego to the club. He actually returned from Thailand last Tuesday, but reported had to go through a full quarantine and delousing procedure before he was allowed mix with the general public. I can’t lie, when I first met him, I was a little nervous to shake hands.

I mean from what I heard, it was a coin flip whether something would fall off or he would have a massive stroke from all the performance enhancing gummies he’d consumed while abroad. But he assured me there was nothing at all to be concerned about, apparently the secret is to dip it in a glass of vodka after every usage and you will be tickety-boo.

A couple of shout-out are due, first, congrats to Kevin Lynch and Brendan Reany on chopping the First Friday tourney, netting just under €3000 each. Also a big well done to Birdseye, who despite absolutely fucking me twice for all my chips on Friday, managed to blow it all and finish just out of the money. Christ, I’m petty, but show me a good loser and I will so you a loser 😊.