Tournament League is Back

Tonight, the 1st April, sees the much anticipated return of the tournament league, which will run right up to the Friday before Race Week at the end of July.

The last league was back in 2020 and was cut short for some reason, for the life of me I can’t remember why, but the important thing is that POC has decided that the fairest thing to do is to start this upcoming league with the €5000 that had been build up in the 2020, meaning this will, undoubtedly, be the biggest league prizepool we have ever competed for.

Things will be run in the usual way, when registering for any tournament a player has the option of paying €5 to enter the league for that tournament (I believe the €5 entry will be applied to all re- entries as well). If you opt into the league when registering, you will receive 3000 extra chips for your starting stack. So even if you couldn’t care less about the league, it’s hard to say no to buying some extra chips for a fiver. And, if you manage to cash in the tournament, you will receive league points.

All the €5’s collected are added to the league prizepool. Once the league is completed, a large chunk of the money is divided out between the top 10 finishers and the rest played for in the league final by the top 45.

Finally, I want to make it clear that any and all details I have just laid out could be completely wrong. If you wish to confirm the details or have any other questions, please ask POC or his boss Rego.