Win a Free Ticket and Bet

Having been out of action for a couple of weeks I haven’t been able to keep the NFL tipping challenge between myself and POC going but it will be back up and running this Sunday. So, in advance of this we are giving away another €25 free bet on one of this Sundays NFL games. … Read more

For Shame

Having been out of action for the past 2 weeks I haven’t been able to keep up with events in that joyful merry-go-round of insanity we call The Eglinton.  But now that I am once again among the living and have had the chance to take a look at the website my only reaction can … Read more

A Bastard and A Bad Beat

Normally I hate bad beat stories, but this one involves Ian Hamsandwich and Birdseye, so I thought it was worth delving into. The was during the satellite for the 2 X €2500 ticket to the Irish Omaha Championship last Saturday night. With 5 players left we have Ian in the SB, Mary in the BB … Read more

NFL Sunday Corner

I suppose we should start of by congratulating Ian “The Hamster” Hamrock on winning the €25 free bet to be placed on any game in this evening NFL line up. He won by picking the Bills to win and having closest the winning margin, even though he was off by a staggering 9 points. Ian only … Read more

Satellite week in the Eglinton

There is not one but 2 satellites being held in the club this week, starting off on Wednesday with 10 packages guaranteed for the main event in Killarney. This is a €100 buy in with €50 rebuys and an add-on. I must confess though, that there are some many events on at this festival in … Read more