Paddy’s Day 10K Tourney

In what is either a stroke of genius or just a plain old stroke, POC has decided to run a 10K guaranteed tourney this Friday. Yes, that’s Paddy’s Day, the biggest drinking session of the fucking year. So, I can see this going one of two ways, either the club will be absolutely bursting at the seams with everyone in drunken celebratory spirits, or it will be a complete ghost town because by the time 6pm rolls around, a massive percentage of potential players will already be face down, passed out drunk in a ditch, gutter or alley somewhere, and Pat will do his nuts on the guarantee. It’s fun to think about 😊.

Whatever happens, there is a lot of money up for grabs on this the most inebriated of nights, so let’s see if we can pick who has the best shot at the title. I think we can break our list of favourites into 2 categories, tea totalers (Cheats) and high functioning booze hounds. The 2 names that come to mind as big dangers from category 1 are Ian HamCock and Fintan Gavin. As most of the rest of the field will be in some way alcoholically impaired, I feel it only fair that both of these players be handicapped in some way, I suggest that Ian be seated at all time directly besides Birdseye and Fintan beside the Yipster. I feel confident that neither will make through the first hour before they run screaming from the building. As for category 2, Christ there is such a huge talent pool to choose from here, but as long as Padraig Parkinson or Sean Conroy don’t show up, I will happily grab a pint and take my chances. If either of them do show, well, then we’re all fucked.

Either way, I look forward to seeing you all there.