Race Week is here at last

Yeehaw, the Races are here at last, they one week where there is more drunks and dead money floating around the club as you’d find at a political fundraiser. There will be a €120 freezeout every day starting at 6pm with €5000 guaranteed. Cash games, blackjack and roulette will run 24hrs non-stop throughout the entire … Read more

May Festival this Weekend

Last Friday night’s monthly 10k guaranteed must be the biggest the club has seen in a very long time. I can personally attest to the fact that no matter how blazing shitfaced you were, you had to be impressed with the sea of players that turned up to battle it out. There was 113 entries … Read more

Tournament League is Back

Tonight, the 1st April, sees the much anticipated return of the tournament league, which will run right up to the Friday before Race Week at the end of July. The last league was back in 2020 and was cut short for some reason, for the life of me I can’t remember why, but the important … Read more

All Washed Up

The only thing more important then knowing when to walk away from the table , is knowing when not to sit down in the first place. Some people can play superb poker while shitfaced, for others it is just burning money. Personally, I’m a God player awful when I am tired(even more god awful than … Read more

Paddy’s Day 10K Tourney

In what is either a stroke of genius or just a plain old stroke, POC has decided to run a 10K guaranteed tourney this Friday. Yes, that’s Paddy’s Day, the biggest drinking session of the fucking year. So, I can see this going one of two ways, either the club will be absolutely bursting at … Read more