Blackjack tournaments return to the club.

The word on the street is that Blackjack tourneys are making a comeback in the club next week.

It’s been a while and I was always pretty drunk when I took part in one of these tournaments but basically you have 7 players in each round, they all start with the same amount of tournament chips, play 7 hands (I think) and whoever has the most chips at the end qualifies for the final. There is probably no end of incorrect info in that summary, but I do know that they’re great crack, in fact Rego informs me it is the 2nd most fun thing you can do while being drunk and shouting “Hit me, hit me”. Honestly, I was afraid to ask what the 1st is.

In other news, it has come to my attention that the quickest, most fun, and least skillful way to satellite into a tournament is returning, yes, the all-in or folds are also back and will be running during the breaks in the nightly tournaments.

And lastly a big shout out to Leon and Ezekiel Springwater Jones, who chopped the First Friday tournament, taking down €3000 each. Not only were the clearly the 2 best players on the night but I feel it’s fair to say they were also the best looking pair to every win a tournament in the Eglinton.