Winners and Losers from this weekend

It’s time to take a look back at the big winners and losers from a busy weekend in the club.  

In the Cash League on Saturday night there was a whooping 14100 up for grabs in the prizepool and 1st spot was taken by the Baltic Shark, picking up 2790. He was in fact only 1 of 2 players that cashed that began with one of the top seven starting stacks. All the other, including The Yipster and The Gent managed to blow their massive starting stack out the ass.  

The other 5 that cashed all started way down in the field, the lowest of which was Ian HamSandwich, who turned the shortest stack of the night, just 127 chips, into 1715. You could almost be happy for him if he wasn’t a miserable slow rolling old git. 

Barry O Sullivan had a cracking weekend, not only picking up 1600 in the cash league but he also took down the First Friday tournament the night before, which was worth a little over 4K. Not a bad weekends work for Barry and it couldn’t happen to a nicer guy. I only say this, so you know that I don’t always have to be negative about everyone I mention on here, it’s only with the people I feel truly deserve it. 

Which brings us to the Westport IPT satellite last Thursday, which had a €1000 package up for grabs, and as it turns out a €300 main event ticket for 2nd. I had the misfortune of making it down to the last 3, along with a great white ape that is Birdseye and an insane cackling hyena in the form of POC. I am not exaggerating when I say it was fucking torture. POC hurling insults across the table nonstop, like a hyperactive 8yr old, and the Ape mumbling god know what gibberish in my ear, I was doing my best to tune it out, because I swear you actually get dumber everytime you listen to him. Dispite all this I was tipping along nicely, that was until I ran into POC, the gutshot hitting sack off shit. I’m really not sure which was worse, having my flopped straight fucked the gutshot he called my flop bet to hit, or the insane screeching and cackling I had to endure as I made my way to the door as fast as I could.  

I guess I shouldn’t be too surprised by his behaviour, I mean a guy pushing 60 that still has a head of jet-black hair almost certainly has a lot of hidden issues that he is carrying around. So, if I was a better man I should really be a little more sympathetic, but I’m not, so fuck that asshole, I will just have to win my package this coming Thursday instead.