Satellites, First Fridays and Cash Leagues

All right then people, the excitement never stops here in The Eglinton. Don’t miss our 1st satellite for the IPT Westport €100,000 Guaranteed Main Event, which kicks off in the club tonight at 8pm. It’s an €80 buy-in, with a max of 1 re-entry per player and it has €1000 package guaranteed.

Then you’ll barely have time to catch your breathe because tomorrow night is the monthly First Friday tournament, which is a €150 buy-in and it has a whooping €10,000 guaranteed. Obviously this should have been held last Friday, but as it clashed with the IPC, between that and the fact that the management in the Eggy are wild men that simply refuse to be bound by convention. They just decided, fuck it, we decide when the 1st Friday of the month is, nobody else.

There was even rumours that the crazy bastards were thinking of running the First Friday on the 2nd Saturday, but saner heads prevailed when it was pointed out the this Saturday is the Cash League final. Which has an estimated €12,000 up for grabs, and there are still 2 nights left to work up the 50 hours that are needed to qualify. So for God sake, check the Cash league table and if you have any chance of making it, please don’t miss out on a shot at all that lovely Do-Ray-Me.