Cash League Final in just 11 days

It’s nearly been forgotten about amid all the excitement of this weekend’s Irish poker championship but we’re just 11 days away from another cash league final in the Eglinton, which has a 10,000 euro guaranteed price pool. But sources have told me that this guarantee will once again be shattered. 

To qualify for the Cash League final, all you need to do is rack up 50 hours at the cash tables. 

Here is how this works 

All the chips in play will add up whatever the prizepool is, let’s say 10,000 as that is the guarantee. 

Your starting stack will be based on the total hours you have posted (50 hours will have the smallest stack, 1st will start with the largest) 

You play until there are 6 players remaining 

Once that point is reached, the 6 remaining player cash out for the value of the stacks they have in front of them. 

Simple really. 

So, what’s the point of just scraping in with 50hrs I hear some of you say, I will only have a tiny stack compared to others at my table, and yes, you are guaranteed to have one of the big stacks at your table but remember that their stack is absolutely no reflection on their ability to actually play the game. They got those chips because the live in the bloody cash game. 

May I remind you that in the last cash League final, the little Yipster started with the biggest stack in the tournament and yes indeed managed to blow the entire stack away, and joy of joys he will once any have the biggest start stack this time around. 

Can you really afford not to be there when he pisses all that money away again?