IPC will kick off the new year with a bang

Happy New Year to all. Please forgive the lack of news to date but having just recovered from whatever flu or plague I caught from POC, I have just managed to crawl back into the writers chair. I have so many stories form our amazing Winter Festival, like Ian “The Bastard” being a bastard once again and slow rolling people in the Omaha event, Mike Healy being shitfaced and eliminating half the field in the main event single handed and so many more. I am hoping i can put them all together soon and get them up here, but unfortunately now is not the time.

Because this week is IPC week, so let fucking go people. It all kicks of this Wed with a mega satellite in the Eglinton. It has a €100 buy-in and there are now less then 10 €550 tickets guaranteed for the IPC’s Main event, which itself has a whooping €250,000 guaranteed.

The IPC has way to many events to list here, but suffice to say there is action all weekend and something for everyone