Just another article

Congrats to Mike Kelly and Belle on chopping the Wednesday deepstack, the clubs oldest and storied event. I wasn’t there on Wednesday but knowing both players I can only assume that for them to have won the deck hit them both in the face so hard their own families no longer recognise them.

But as we approach the Christmas season it is good to be reminded that anyone, no matter how bad a player, can pull off a win. It is certainly encouraging me to get back in to play more and I definitely won’t be missing the upcoming Winter Festival, December 15th-18th. The full festival details are on the website

So, with the plug out of the way, let talk player of the week. This is something I have been thinking would be a nice idea for a weekly article, you know, comb through the results, see who appears most often and do a little profile, talk about how well the play etc.. So having looked through this weeks results the only name I saw more than once was Rego……..

Nobody, especially Rego, want to read that, maybe we should start this next week