Another Great First Friday

Another First Friday in the books and it was a great night all round with 71 players battling it out for a share of that oh so sweet €10,000 prize pool. Big congrats to Helen Goberville and Sergei Ramos who spilt the top prizes, taking home €2,725 each, and to the other 8 players that managed to get a share of the pool.

And it appears that Helen’s success was just the beginning of a great weekend for the ladies in the Eglinton, as they completely dominated the Saturday night Omaha tournament, with Mary Keary, Katie Ziolko and Katie Harrington filling the top 3 spots.

While most everyone enjoyed another great weekend in the club, perhaps we should spare a thought for POC. I must admit it wasn’t until Rego mentioned it to me and I did some simple arithmetic that I realised that 71 X 130 only adds up to €9230, meaning that €770 of the prize pool had to come directly out of POC’s pocket. I don’t know about the rest of you but hearing this genuinely almost moved me to tears. So, if you do bump into him this week, maybe offer a kind word or even a hug, and please, please, try not to laugh too hard.