Satellite week in the Eglinton

There is not one but 2 satellites being held in the club this week, starting off on Wednesday with 10 packages guaranteed for the main event in Killarney. This is a €100 buy in with €50 rebuys and an add-on.

I must confess though, that there are some many events on at this festival in Killarney at the end of the month that I am not even sure which one this is a satellite for, but I am guessing it is the €500 buy-in Irish Poker Cup, which has a staggering €200k guaranteed prize pool.

The 2nd satellite is on Saturday, this is a €250 buy-in omaha tournament and it is for the Irish Omaha Championship, which also part of the festival in Killarney and has a 75k guaranteed prize pool. This is a tournament near and dear to my heart as I first created and ran it in the Eglinton over 10 years ago.

So, some people might go so far as to say that Fintan “Del Boy” Gavin is a thieving git and he stole my fucking tournament, not me you understand, but some people, possibly. At this point it seems my only recourse is to play the bloody thing and try to win it, because I know handing over a massive winners check to me would hurt him in ways you can only imagine.

See you all Saturday night I guess