A Bastard and A Bad Beat

Normally I hate bad beat stories, but this one involves Ian Hamsandwich and Birdseye, so I thought it was worth delving into.

The was during the satellite for the 2 X €2500 ticket to the Irish Omaha Championship last Saturday night. With 5 players left we have Ian in the SB, Mary in the BB and Birdseye under the gun. Blinds are 5k/10k/10k, Birdseye raises to 40k, the next 2 players fold and Ian with 130k actually says ‘Fuck it , we will be here all night’ and calls with 3,9,10,Q, hearts & diamonds, otherwise known as a crock of shit. Then Mary moves all in for 68K and here’s where the fun starts.

Birdseye has no idea if he is allowed re-raise, with what we assume is Ace’s, so he asked the dealer, but before the dealer can answer, Ian “The Bastard” pipes up, saying that the dealer isn’t allowed tell him. You can image the scene that followed, “he has to tell me”, “no, no it’s up to you to know”, “am I allowed raise or not for fuck sake” and so on and so forth, while the dealer sits there afraid to say anything in case Ian is right and all the time more and more steam was coming out of Birdseye’s ears. Until eventually he announces “Fuck you, I am all in”, only to be then told by the floor that he isn’t allowed to raise only to call and of course, while laughing hysterically, Ian also calls.

Long story short, Ian flops an open ender, Jamie jams all in, Ian calls.

I wasn’t there myself but I have been told by onlookers that they have never seen Birdseye so angry as he stomped out of the club, turning the air blue with expletives. In fact, I have even heard reports that Birdseye has subsequently cancelled social engagements so as to avoid any possible contact with that big meanie Ian.

So, if he does show up tonight for the Omaha rebuy, for the love of God don’t mention Saturday night, ok, this is just between me and you.