NFL Sunday Corner

I suppose we should start of by congratulating Ian “The Hamster” Hamrock on winning the €25 free bet to be placed on any game in this evening NFL line up. He won by picking the Bills to win and having closest the winning margin, even though he was off by a staggering 9 points. Ian only made the pick because I had already selected the Bills by 11, classy move eh, I know some of you are thinking, ‘What a shithead!’ and you would be dead right, and I had been hoping he was going to lose he bet tonight, until I saw the crazy bastard’s selection, €25 on the Jets -13.5 @ 17/2. Can’t help cheering for that one, even if it is directly opposing my selection tonight

We will also be giving away another €25 free bet tonight. Once again, to win the free bet just tweet @TheEglinton with the winner of tonight’s late game between the Buc’s and the Cowboys, along with the winning margin, use the hashtag #theeglintonNFLtips. T&C below

So, on to tonight’s game, Myself and POC will both make one tip each week, placing between 1 and 5 points on it, and to make it interesting, whoever has the most points at the end of the regular season gets flights to Vegas paid for by the other.

DuckedAgain – selection

With nothing to go on but some bullshit presession games it is had to be confident about anything tonight, I was very tempted by Titan -5.5, and the Eagles -4.5 but in the end I decided to go with

2pts on Ravens -6.5 @ 10/11, it’s a big spread but one of the only things I can be confident about is that the Jets are dog shit.

POC selection

Much like myself POC was having trouble committing to anything in week and was very temped by the Browns moneyline at almost evens but with this being a revenge game for Baker and the Panthers, instead opted for the team he supports

2pts on 49ers -6.5 @ 10/11

On final note, neither POC nor I know a good god damn thing about the NFL and are just guessing. This is not , I repeat NOT a tipping service and anyone daft enough to bet along side us gets everything they deserve and on your own head be it.

Terms and conditions
The free bet is only available to Eglinton members
If more then one person picks the correct team and winning margin the winner will be selected from a random draw
The free bet must be placed on next Sunday games and from a market available on Paddy Powers