Just 5 nights left to qualify for the Cash League Final

The €14,000 guaranteed cash league final is this coming Saturday and to have a shot at all that money, all you need is to have played 30hrs in the cash games. For those of you that don’t know the final runs, it’s basically like this.

All the chips in play will add up to 14,000

Your starting stack will be based on the total hours you have posted (30 hours will have the smallest stack, 1st will start with the largest)

You play until there are 6 players remaining

Once that point is reached, yothe 6 remaining player cash out for the value of the stacks they have in front of them.

So what’s the point of just scraping in with 30hrs I hear some of you say, I will only have a tiny stack compared to others at my table. Yes, you are guaranteed to have one of the big stack at your table, but remember that their stack is absolutely no reflect on their ability to actually play the game. They got those chips because the live in the bloody cash game.

Look, short of an act of God the 1 spot and biggest starting stack belongs to the Yipster, now I know there are some that think he is very probably the greatest player to ever grace the club(that would be Yipahontas himself), but there are others that would vote him most likely to blow his entire stack in a massive bluff because he has to try to win every hand he plays. And Jesus, don’t get me started on who’s in the 2 spot. So you see, this is a golden opportunity to get to sit at the table and go against players with big stacks and bigger egos and they have nowhere to run.

Now get your ass into the club this week, work up those 30 hours and grab you piece of that €14,000.