Galway’s oldest tournament hits a rocky patch

The Wednesday Deepstack tournament first kicked off in the Westwood Hotel in 2004, and has been running in its new home here at The Eglinton for 15 years. The popularity of this tournament has resulted in Wednesdays being known as poker night in countless household throughout the city. In its lifetime it has been won by some true greats, Padraig Parkinson, Jude Ainsworth, Phil “The Power” Taylor, Andy Black, Fintan Gavin and Vinny “The Longlad” to name but a few. It has survived covid, coming out the other side of the pandemic stronger and better, or at least it had until last night.

Last night saw a plummet ion standards the like of which the tournament has never experienced before, with Mike Kelly and Ian Hamrock inexplicably making it to the last 2 and battling out the heads up. One spectator I spoke to said they just couldn’t look away, they just stared in stunned silence, as if watching a car crash in slowmo. While some other more superstitious onlookers debated in hushed tones whether or not this was a sign of the coming apocalypse.

The end of days not withstanding with Mike Kelly taking down just over €1000 after easily crushing Ian in the heads up, I for one know exactly where I will be next Wednesday at 8pm