Round up of the Week

We had a busy week in the club last week and we should probably start by congratulating Rego on winning Wednesday night deepstack and picking up over €700, but we won’t because he is an angle shooting prick and he knows it.

So let quickly move on and give a heartfelt well done to Cyril Doherty and Barry O’Sullivan, who, on Thursday night, both won the tickets to the IPC 250K main event in January. I did hear some egregious comments afterwards about dead money, but I won’t stand for, these are two fine poker players who have every chance of success in January.

Now can I put my hand on my heart and say that the IPC just got more difficult to win, eh, maybe not. But still they are two very nice lads and I won’t have a bad word said about either of them.

The First Friday 10K tournament saw the triumphant return of the one and only Birdseye. He may be just one conspiracy theory away from wearing a tinfoil hat, but he is living proof that if the poker Gods decide it’s your night, then anyone can take down a big win. Birdseye split first prize with Niall Tierney, both of whom walked away with €2300. Shit, even POC manage to scramble his way to the final table, pocketing a generous €500 for finishing 8th .

It’s like there’s free money just laying about this place.