Timing and Communication

Bluffing is all about timing and last night I had the pleasure of witnessing some of the worst timing possible.

The bold Ian Hamchops decided to make a move on Bell in last night Wednesday Freezeout, kicking of the hand by calling a raise out of position. Then Ian decided to call Bell after the flop came 7,2,2. I guess he was floating here, with some cockeyed notion that the call would convince Bell that he actually had a real hand. Anyway, the turn came a 9 and Ian instantly pushed all in, and in my option, this is where Bell made his only real mistake on the hand, he called instantly and tabled 9,9. This was clearly a fucking criminal waste of a perfect slow rolling opportunity. How he didn’t go into the tank for 5 minutes before he called is totally beyond me. At this point, accompanied by a crescendo of deafening laughter, Ian is desperately attempting to muck his cards, but Dobro was not going to let that slide, he caught them before the hit the muck and turned over Ian’s 3,4. I am sure it will come as no surprise that the laughter got even louder.

Now normally I would take the piss out of Ian with zero remorse, but I feel maybe on this one occasion a little sympathy might be in order, there are, after all, clear mitigating circumstances that could have place him in a delicate place mentally.

I mean, it’s bad enough that Kate forced him to wear an matching couples Xmas outfit, one assumes for a picture for their upcoming Christmas card, but then for a break down in communication to lead to the pair arriving at the same table in the tournament still all decked out in said outfits. Really, there’s no telling what that could do to someone’s mental well being